New EAP Client Process

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) benefits from your employer cover the full cost of brief psychotherapy (typically involving five or fewer appointments) to clarify problems, develop a plan to resolve them, work toward problem resolution, and if needed, refer you to additional services with me or another professional—EAP services do not involve making a diagnosis. You need to provide an EAP Authorization Code from your insurance to use EAP benefits.

My online forms and questionnaires, file uploader, email, and video calls are powered by a special Microsoft account for healthcare with HIPAA security and a Business Associate Agreement to protect the privacy of your health information. My email is stored with these privacy protections, but email may not be a private way to communicate—I cannot guarantee privacy for email as it travels through the Internet to me or you.


New Client Request

Complete the online New Client Request form to provide some basic information.

Note that my office is considered a healthcare setting, and the Oregon Health Authority still requires masks in all healthcare settings. If you would like to have in-office appointments, please review the COVID-19 Agreement before our phone call. Scheduling in-office meetings requires 1) a discussion to decide together about meeting in-office and 2) a signed COVID-19 Agreement, which can be submitted through my online file uploader or by email.


Brief Phone Call

I will contact you to schedule an appointment for a free 10-20 minute phone call, so we can briefly discuss followup questions to help us both decide if your needs and my services might be a good fit.



Records from previous providers and any other relevant information you have to share can be submitted through my online file uploader or by email.

You can also request that a previous provider send records to me by submitting a Release Form through my online file uploader or by email.



The two parent questionnaires are important for the first appointment; if they are not completed by 8am on the day before the first appointment, your appointments will be automatically cancelled and might not be rescheduled.

The youth questionnaire for ages 11 years old and older includes a few questions about sex, drugs, suicide, and self-harm (similar to questions pediatricians ask during well-check appointments for those ages). Youth with thoughts of suicide or self-harm are encouraged to talk to a parent or trusted adult, or call the youth crisis line at 877‑968‑8491. Additional crisis line information is available on my Crisis Care & Lifelines page. In an emergency, call 9‑1‑1.

Parent Questionnaires (Required)

Complete both of these parent questionnaires.

  1. PDF Parent Questionnaire
    It’s fine for only one parent to complete this printable or fillable PDF questionnaire, and submit it through my online file uploader or by email.
  2. Online Parent Questionnaire
    One or both parents can complete this questionnaire easily using a phone, tablet, or computer.
Child and Youth Questionaires (Optional)

It’s helpful if children and youth 8 years old and older fill out a questionnaire, which can be completed easily using a phone, tablet, or computer. If anything is too hard, too long, too much, or whatever, please skip some or all of it.



Please review the Agreement before our first appointment. The Agreement is signed by parents and youth 14 years old or older. At the beginning of the first appointment, we will review the Agreement and any questions you have. Before we move on with the rest of the first appointment, the Agreement is signed, and it can be submitted as a PDF through my online file uploader or by email.



Appointments are offered in-office or by telehealth video call, as appropriate. Video calls are provided using Microsoft Teams. Download and install the Microsoft Teams app for the best experience. The first appointment is focused on getting information from parents, and a video call is usually most convenient for parents.

The first appointment is 45 minutes, scheduled during our phone call, and for meeting only with parents for at least the beginning of the appointment—your child may join later in the first appointment or the next appointment.