C. David MaxeyM.A.
Licensed Psychologist Associate

Clinical Child & Adolescent
Psychotherapy and Psychological Evaluation
in the Tigard Triangle near I-5
off 72nd Ave. at 217/Kruse Way

or by Telehealth Video Call

I’m a Licensed Psychologist Associate specializing in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, including psychotherapy and psychological evaluation. I have extensive experience providing mental health services to children and families over the past 22 years. My approach is rooted in thoroughly assessing your child’s needs and thoughtfully selecting evidence-based treatments, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), behavior management, collaborative problem-solving, and others. If your needs and my services seem like a good fit, you can follow the process for new clients, which is outlined below.

New EAP Client Process

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services are for brief psychotherapy; do not involve making a diagnosis; are usually limited to about five appointments; follow a simplified New EAP Client Process on a separate webpage; and require an EAP Authorization Code from your insurance or EAP, which covers the full cost of services.

New Client Process

This New Client Process is for regular mental health services, starting with a diagnostic evaluation and typically leading to a course of therapy or evaluation.


New Client Request

Complete the online New Client Request form that includes 1 free‑response and about 35 multiple‑choice (or short‑answer) questions to provide some basic information.


Brief Phone Call

I will contact you to schedule an appointment for a free 10 minute phone call, so we can briefly discuss followup questions to help us both decide if your needs and my services might be a good fit.


To-Do List to Schedule First Appointment

The first appointment is scheduled after you complete the To-Do List items. Online questionnaires can be completed easily using a phone, tablet, or computer. The fillable PDF can be completed on your device and submitted along with any other documents through my online file uploader or by email. If you submit copies of printed documents, please properly scan them to a PDF with a scanner device or app of your choice (e.g., Microsoft Lens on iOS or Android, or Adobe Scan on iOS or Android) No photos of documents please. 😊

  • Records or Reports from other providers (if you have any to share).
  • Developmental History (12‑page PDF)
    It’s fine for only one parent to complete the Developmental History.
  • Online Parent Questionnaire
    One or more parents can complete this questionnaire.
    6 free‑response and 80 multiple‑choice questions
  • Child or Youth Questionnaire (Optional and Recommended)
    It’s helpful if children and youth 8 years old and older fill out a questionnaire, which can be completed easily using a phone, tablet, or computer.
    If anything is too long, too hard, or too much, skip some or all of it.
    • Online Child Questionnaire for ages 8‑10 years old
      8 free‑response and 16 multiple‑choice (or short‑answer) questions
    • Online Youth Questionnaire for ages 11 years old and older
      8 free‑response and about 81 multiple‑choice (or short‑answer) questions including a few questions about sex, drugs, suicide, and self-harm (similar to questions pediatricians ask during well-check appointments for youth 11 years old or older). Youth with thoughts of suicide or self-harm are encouraged to talk to a parent or trusted adult, or call the youth crisis line at 877‑968‑8491 or the national crisis line at 9‑8‑8. Additional crisis line information is available on my Crisis Care & Lifelines page. In an emergency, call 9‑1‑1.

Agreement Forms

After I receive the items listed above, I’ll send the agreement form and arrange to schedule the first appointment—look for an email with a link to sign online.

  • Agreement


Appointments are offered in-office or by telehealth video call, as appropriate. In the beginning, meeting weekly is usually needed to get started with our work together, and then we’ll decide how frequently we need to meet.

  • Microsoft Teams (for video call appointments): Install an up-to-date version of the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser on a computer, or the Microsoft Teams app on a computer, tablet, or phone for the best video call experience.
First Appointment

The first appointment is usually up to 90-120 minutes and for meeting only with parents—children do not come to the first appointment.

Second Appointment

The second appointment is 45 minutes and primarily for meeting your child.

Subsequent Appointments

Subsequent appointments are typically 45 minutes and for meeting with parents, your child, or both, based on your child’s needs.

My online forms and questionnaires, file uploader, email, and video calls are powered by special accounts for healthcare with HIPAA security and a Business Associate Agreement to protect the privacy of your health information. My email is stored with these privacy protections, but email may not be a private way to communicate—I cannot guarantee privacy for email as it travels through the Internet to me or you.

Fees and Insurance

My fees for psychotherapy are $250 for the first appointment and $150 for regular 45-minute appointments. If I am in-network with your insurance, the contracted rates are roughly similar, and I can review them with you before our first appointment.

Payment is accepted on the date of service in cash, check, or Zelle sent through your bank’s app to info@cdavidmaxey.com. Zelle may not be a private way to pay (e.g., if you enter information in the memo field when sending a payment).

Families are asked to store a credit card on file to expedite billing when cash, check or Zelle payment is inconvenient for you. Cards stored on file are accepted for psychotherapy services as a convenience to you with an additional $5 fee.

FSA and HSA cards may be accepted for most fees.