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6950 SW Hampton St Suite 207
Portland, OR 97223

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Crisis Care & Lifelines

available all day and night

In an emergency, call 9-1-1
Kaiser Permanente Crisis Services
for members in Oregon & Washington
or text teen2teen
to 839-863
YouthLine for calls from
youth ages 11‑20
calls answered by youth ages 15‑20 4PM‑10PM Pacific &
adults are available all day and night
or text START
to 678-678
Trevor Project for calls from
LGBTQ youth under age 25
or call 988
or text HELLO
to 988
Nationwide Lifeline

If You See Me Online or Around Town

Policy on Social Settings

Online social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) are not professional contexts, and they are not private ways to communicate, so I do not use them to interact with people I serve professionally. If you happen to see me online, please do not contact, friend, or follow me in any way. If I am contacted, I will ignore, block, or not reply to that contact. If I discover that I have accidentally connected with you, I will cancel or block that connection. Please know that I do not interact with you online to protect your child’s and family’s privacy and to maintain our professional relationship.

If I see you around town, I will act like I don’t know you because you may not want to explain why you know me to others with you, with me, or nearby. If you approach me, I usually will say hi briefly, but I urge you to consider whether that might be uncomfortable for your child or family. It is not a time for us to discuss professional matters. Please remember that unless you approach me, I will act like I don’t know you because I want to protect your child’s and family’s privacy.

Please do not write online reviews or post on your social networks about me. Mental health providers cannot respond online because we are bound to protect confidentiality. Instead please contact me directly. Please appreciate that online reviews and posts are risks to your child’s and family’s privacy now and in the future (because information on the internet seems to live on forever and get connected to you, even if you want to remain anonymous).