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Resources for parents of trans and gender-expansive children and teens

Published 25 February 2018
Don’t ask for personal information about a trans person’s body or medical care.
Don’t “out” trans people as trans to others without permission.
Do model the language a person uses for themself & use the pronouns they prefer.

Portland-Area Resources

OHSU Transgender Health Program

Research, Education & Medical Support



TransActive Gender Project

Education, Advocacy & Transistion Support



Q Center

Community Center for Gender and Sexual Minorities (LGBT)

4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland OR



PFLAG Portland & Washington County

local chapters of PFLAG


Gender Odyssey Every August

produced by GenderDiversity.org

Gender Spectrum Every July in California
True Colors Annually in Hartford CT

Information & News

Gender Spectrum
TransYouth Family Allies
Mermaids United Kingdon


Transgender Law & Policy Institute

works to improve law and policy to advance trans equality

Transgender Law Center

works to improve law, policy, and attitudes to advance trans equality


focuses on safe schools for all students

It gets better Project
National LGBTQ Task Force

political action for gender & sexual minorities

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

works to improve civil rights for gender & sexual minorities


focuses on helping parents, friends and family of gender and sexual minorites be good allies

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

works to defend individual rights and liberties

Books for Parents

Biographies & Memoirs

Social Networks & Online Forums

Gender Spectrum Lounge

online community for trans teens & their parents

Trans Pulse (formerly Lauras‑Playground.com)

forums for trans people and their friends, family & allies

Trans Family (based in Cleveland, OH)

forum for parents of trans children & adults hosted on Yahoo (their other forums have been less active than the parents’ forum)

Crisis Lines

in an emergency, call 9-1-1
Trans Lifeline

for trans people (calls answered by trans people)

(877)565-88607A‑1A Pacific

Trevor Project

for gender & sexual minority (LGBT) youth under age 25


Portland-Area Mental Health Crisis Lines

for anyone served by the county





Portland-Area Domestic & Sexual Violence Crisis Line

for domestic or sexual violence survivors



Youth Suicide Prevention Lifeline

for ages 11‑21 (calls answered by youth ages 15‑20)

(877)968-84914P‑10P Pacific

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

for anyone


Drug & Alcohol Help Line

for help with drug & alcohol problems