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Do Superheroes and Princesses have everyday lives?

Published 26 March 2015
Do superheroes take a break from their busy lives to have tea or coffee with their families?
Do princesses play guitar or video games?
Do they have to stop from time to time to go to the bathroom?

Superheroes and princesses are often one-dimensional characters, and children can be especially prone to thinking these characters act only according to their stereotypes. Children who idolize and imitate these characters might believe there’s only one way to act like a superhero or princess. This kind of rigid thinking can be unworkable in everyday life, which often requires adapting flexibly to situations.

Linnéa Johansson created a series of coloring books called Super-Soft Heroes and Super Strong Princess that round out these characters by freeing them from the stereotypes, as well as showing them doing everyday activities—even going to the bathroom. Her irreverent portrayals might help your child think about superheroes and princesses a little less seriously. If your child is having substantial problems with beliefs about superheroes or princesses, a coloring book is unlikely to be a complete solution, and developing a comprehensive plan with a mental health professional would be recommended.